TransConOpps Contracting Opportunities for A/E/C/Env

(E-NY) (P)  Room:  Reilly (Inside Exhibit Hall/South Tower)


This two-part session features briefings of upcoming opportunities in NJ, NY and PA for the transportation sector.  Agency Senior Executives will deliver detailed information on the anticipated contracting opportunities for the architecture, engineering, construction, and environmental disciplines for the next two fiscal years.  Presentations will also include an overview of each agency’s mission, a description of procurement practices, and the technical scope of services to be performed.  This is a “don’t miss” session for attendees who are interested in doing business with NJ DOT, DRPA, PANYNJ, NJ Transit and other agencies from the region.  Women’s Transportation Seminars Philadelphia and Greater New York Chapters and HNTB Corp generously sponsored this double-session. 


Moderator:     Susan Boone, Legerity Consultants

Speaker:        Eric Daleo, Assistant Executive Director, NJ Transit

Speaker:        Rob Fischer, Chief Engineer, NJ Turnpike Authority

Speaker:        E. David Lambert III, Assistant Commissioner of Capital Program Management, NJ DOT

Speaker:        Cathy Mahoney, PE, Manager of Design, Engineering Department Manager/Program Management, Port Authority of NY & NJ

Speaker:        Michael Venuto, Director of Engineering/Chief Engineer, Delaware River Port Authority

Speaker:        Olympia Colasante, Vice President Hub Operations PHL, American Airlines


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WTS Philadelphia Chapter

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