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2022 NJ TransAction Conference


The NJ TransAction Conference wants to express how important your health and safety is to us and this conference.

•    All attendees MUST provide proof of being fully vaccinated.  Registrants may attach proof (copy or picture of covid card, screenshot of NJ Docket App, etc).  The registration forms on these pages allow you to upload your documentation.

•    Those who have not been vaccinated must show proof of receiving a covid test within 72 hours prior to the conference start.

•    Name badges will not be distributed without proof of vaccination or negative covid test results.

•    The TransAction Conference is planning to have rapid nasal swab test kits on site.

•    We have hired a company to provide contactless registration.  A QR code will be emailed to each person registered prior to the conference.

•    Exhibitors will receive information to download an app to read QR codes on attendees name badges.

•    Face masks are encouraged (not mandatory) in the exhibit room and workshop sessions.

•    Each conference attendee will receive a safety kit with 2 disposable masks, hand sanitizer and other items.

•    The conference will have additional boxes of disposable safety masks and hand sanitizer available throughout the conference areas.


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